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Remember when I flew over to Stockholm to shoot something very special with Christian Dior earlier this year? Today I can finally reveal what happened at the newly opened hotel at Six in Stockholm:

I feel so honoured, overwhelmed and super proud to be part of a select group of Scandinavian influencers to represent one of my all time favourite brands, Christian Dior. We were flown in to Stockholm to attend and cover the event of the brand's newly launched make-up line in Scandinavia. 

I am incredible thankful for all the amazing things that has happened to me this past year. From my first four weeks of Fashion Week to shooting with Christian Dior and covering two amazing events with the Dior family in Scandinavia and of course being a launch ambassador and creating wonderful projects with the 24Sèvres family

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Working in the fashion industry and especially as an influencer isn't always easy and the pressure can be immense. People, brands and colleagues constantly judge you, but the one who judges you the most is yourself. As a very passionate but also very self-critical person, I sometimes tend to pressure my self too hard and finding the right balance is an on going process I'm currently working on. 

However, I am I truly grateful that all these years working for something I always dreamt of finally payed off. I cannot picture myself ever stopping to create creative content and continue to inspire you guys. I am forever thankful and happy you choose to follow my journey and thank you Christian Dior for a lovely year! Lots of Love.  

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